Are You Doing the Online Bingo Search Backwards?

There’s a common saying many players should be familiar with: as hard to find as a needle in a haystack. The visual is pretty obvious: a needle is incredibly small, whereas a haystack is pretty big. It can be used to describe the frustration that many people feel while they’re trying to search for the best place to play bingo online. If you ask us, most people are doing this online bingo search thing backwards. You need to look at getting information faster, so you can get back to doing what you wanted to do in the first place: playing bingo!

So, let’s cut to the chase and cut all of the searching out of it. That’s right, if you look at recommendations instead of doing all of the homework yourself, you’ll be able to play the games you love faster and even have a chance at winning real money.

But here’s the real question: where do you go when all of the sites start blending together? That’s easy: Buttercup! Of course, we are talking about Buttercup Bingo, a place where you can play as much bingo as you want. After all, if we’re going to recommend somewhere to play bingo, chances are good that you want to be able to have full and complete control over where you play, rather than being limited to specific times of the day. For example, if you work at night, perhaps you’ll want to play a little bit after you get off work so you can unwind. Night jobs have been shown to be a lot more stressful for people than the traditional day schedule.

Other than being able to be in control, you get to be social in a way that you might not get to experience if you are constantly at work. A lot of people work by themselves now, rarely seeing a face. They might have a hard time getting out of the house to socialise in the standard way, making online bingo the perfect meeting place for friends…and even romantic interests.

Hey, don’t laugh: some people have found their soulmates during bingo and other casino games. You might as well check it out instead of just writing it off, right?

Head over to the site today; the Buttercup team has you covered!

Bingo: It’s not just for Grandma anymore

There is an immediate image that is always associated with bingo. When we think of playing at the local bingo hall we quite often imagine a room full of grandparents with cards laid out in front of them as they happily stamp away with bingo blotters. But as the world becomes more technologically advanced and our reliance on computers continues to take hold we’ve seen an evolution of bingo. Online bingo is without question the future of bingo and this future looks quite different from our expectations. Bingo is not just for grandma anymore.

As online bingo has rapidly grown in popularity over the last decade the complexion of the community of online bingo players has changed as well. In fact, online bingo was immediately popular with younger generations and until recently hadn’t been discovered by traditional, elderly bingo audiences. Younger online gamers gradually began discovering the perks of online bingo. With more games and more players there are bigger jackpots. Premier online bingo sites like Bingo Vega award nearly six million in cash prizes every month. This is a very attractive characteristic of the future of online bingo.

There is little doubt that online bingo will continue to grow in popularity in the future. More and more players from international destinations will be keen to try online bingo because most sites feature fun and interesting games as well as great jackpots. Online bingo communities are characterized by friendly people from around the world. Traditional bingo halls certainly set the stage for the kind of community you might expect at a US online bingo site. As you would expect at your local pub or bingo hall, online bingo communities are welcoming and good natured. Still, you shouldn’t expect to find a room full of grandparents. Indeed, online bingo has revitalized the game and reintroduced it to a new generation of players.

Yes, You Can Expect Greatness Out of An Online Bingo Casino

When it comes to gambling online, a lot of games immediately spring to mind. Poker is a given — who hasn’t imagined winning the World Series of Poker like Chris Moneymaker? Roulette is another, because it’s in nearly every casino movie that’s ever been made. However, what about when you start looking into the other side of things? What about if you want to completely get away from strategy and competition and just have a good time?

That’s when you get to bingo, one of the most overlooked casino games around. Bingo is something that most people assume that only old ladies are going to be into. Even though that’s the stereotype, we can assure you — bingo is alive and quite well. You can expect greatness out of an online bingo casino just as you can expect greatness out of poker or roulette or any other popular casino game. Life is not all about blackjack, poker, and Hi-Lo — you will want to move past that and get some rest and relaxation in.

Now, don’t get us wrong — we definitely still like strategy games, but we think that there are some unsung benefits to be found in playing bingo. For starters, you’re going to be in a much more friendly environment. It’s better to have the opportunity to make new friends and not feel like you have to constantly be in competition with them. Sure, there’s going to be a time where you might really want to compete and go “all in” so to speak, but that’s for other casino games. It’s really all about luck when it comes to bingo. Sometimes luck favors you, and sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s really about the experience that you build when it comes to online bingo. Full color and full sound can mean that you can just get away from all of the stress and problems that plague your regular life. And that’s definitely something that’s worth checking out, if you ask us.

What you want to look for when it comes to an online bingo parlor is definitely variety in games. Bingo is more than straight up and down, side to side or diagonals. Look for games that include patterns of many different kinds. That’s going to allow you to have the right amount of variety so that you’re going to want to play over and over again!

GameVillage Bingo: A Site to be Must Played In

Hey lovers of the bingo world, we at Casinos Critique are back once again with some news some info about one of the online bingo sites which we found quiet heart warming to play in. GameVillage bingo it is folks and its here that we found some exclusive games which you cannot lay your hands on in any of the bingo sites.

GameVillage Bingo runs on the state of art Cozy Games software since October 2014 and its one of coolest sites of the industry we thought. Here you need to spend a mere £5 and you would be rewarded with a 400% bonus. Also, there are bonus amounts of 200% and 300% for the 2nd and the 3rd deposits. Doesn’t the thought itself makes your heart swoon?

Well folks there are much more. For example currently there are some cool promotional offers which all you bingo lovers must indulge in. Play their     six of one game in their Village Fair room. All you need to do is post six numbers between 1 and 80 on the forum thread. Call full house on as many of your chosen numbers as possible in one night in the Village Fair, and you could win a share of up to £1,000. All players who reach the top two highest thresholds will share the top prize. Power Balls is another enthralling game. Here, every time you win a game of Power Bingo you will enter the prize draw to win one of the 5 prizes of £50 in the end of month draw. Want to see your pennies being turned to pound? Here’s how- Win a full house game of penny bingo in Village Inn and in 90 Ball Bingo by yourself on the same day, and claim a free £10 of tickets for yourself or a friend of your choice.

The other ways to make money here is my referring a friend or by liking them on Facebook. Alternately you could also be a part of their Bull’s Eye Club or Text Club.